BAK Revolver X4s Roll Up Tonneau Cover
BAK Revolver X4s Roll Up Tonneau Cover

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The Bak Industries Revolver X4S has new features that make it a unique truck cover. It has premium quality industrial grade vinyl and matte finished seals that make the product look captivating and stylish. This modern looking and rolling tonneau cover is suited for all weather conditions and rugged terrain. The product gives complete value for the user’s hard earned investment. A product that can be easily installed by the user without any hassles.


Appearance Matters!

The underbody of the Revolver X4S is made of aluminum along with matte finish which gives it a sleek and stylish appearance.

Competent Design

The side rail seals have a smooth and flat design giving it a competent look.

Secure fastening

The Revolver X4s has been fitted with straps that are made with durable material which secures the cover while driving.

Modern Look

The give the cover a more modern appearance the rear corner caps of the cover are fashioned uniquely.


Protection Caps

While rolling the cover of the Revolver X4S on the vehicle safety slat caps have been installed for protection.

Premium Grade Vinyl

To protect your truck from damage from rainwater premium grade industrial vinyl has been used  to give it a Matte Finish.

Storage Unit

Pocket holes have been integrated into the Revolver X4S to store accessories.

Patented Railings

The rotational locking rails are patented that provide safety for the whole bed cover.

  • Aluminum under body with matte black finish complete with clamps.
  • Side rail seals.
  • Durable straps and buckles.
  • Rear corner caps.
  • Bulkhead Seal.
  • Safety slat caps for smooth rolling.
  • Industrial grade vinyl with matte finish.
  • Pocket holes to store additional accessories.
  • Locking rails with rotation.
  • Secure automatic lock.


With its world class design and technology, the Revolver-x-4s comes with a 5 year warranty.


Please make use of the Revolver X4s Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers installation instructions below to assist you with the installation of your Revolver X4s Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers.